Delivery Model

Delivery Model

Veb Secure ensures a proper delivery model to be used. We focus on quality, on time delivery, cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction, enough time for research and work with skilled manpower to customize the product. We offer affordable and best solutions to customers.

Veb Secure Works on following models:

Delivery Model Offshore

Veb Secure, with this model ensures

  • Initiation from research analysis to its installation and quality analysis
  • Achieving target effectively and efficiently
  • Greater focus on management to avoid delays
  • Highly skilled team at lesser cost

Delivery Model Mix - Reduction of delivery time

Veb Secure, with this model ensures

  • Project as the market demands
  • Positioning of manpower at site
  • Positioning of manpower at offshore site
  • Information is handled by developers
  • Wide-ranging operations

Delivery Model Client Site - Assurance of eminent quality

Veb Secure Use this model where regular meetings are required. It ensures

  • Appointment of highly skilled manpower
  • Experts can be positioned again as per customer's need
  • Before commencing, consultation and skills and clients consent is required
  • Maintains higher quality.

Model Partnership - Extensive Services

Veb Secure Use this model for long term projects. It ensures

  • Positioning of enthusiastic offshore employees
  • Alignment of technical backing with market demands
  • Higher profits with outstanding solutions

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